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Taivaan tarvas-pendant

V Taivaantarvas

Taivaan tarvas

silver necklace

About interstellar pursuits

For those who chase their dreams


Somewhere in the blazing shroud of aurora

six hooves thunder in choir

through the dark pastures and fiery dust

the mighty stellar elk gallops forevermore

Inspired by the constellation myth of hunting the six-legged prime elk, who could gallop in such great speed that it was nearly impossible to reach. But one hunter catches the elk, and cuts two of his limbs off so that the elk would be easier to hunt later on. It’s said that you can spot the elk’s antlers in Cassiopeia and its body in Perseus; the eclipsing binary star Algol depicts the missing limbs.

In this necklace the elk has all its original six limbs: two cloven hooves in each piece.