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silver pendant

About the lunar phase

For night people


Shun by the moonlight

he climbed up to darken its gaze

with grim strokes he painted

until caught in the endless embrace

Rachkoi cuun mustaxi iacoi.

(Mikael Agricola, 1551)

In an old folk story the phases of the Moon are caused by a nocturnal creature called Rahko. Rahko despised the bright moonlight so fiercely, that he set on a journey to the Moon with an intention to paint it completely black with tar. Rahko made it to the Moon, but the ambitious mission was ruined by the tar: it was so sticky, that Rahko got caught on the Moon’s surface. And there he still remains, on the battlement of light and darkness – forever bound to its brilliance.

In this pendant design: the ladder, brush and the Moon.